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Your link to the oceanographic & hydrological markets in China.

 LinkOcean Technologies (www.linkocean.cn) was founded in August2005 in Qingdao by Shuren Qin. Our commitment and aim are to provide high quality, accurate and reliable instruments to scientists and engineers in the oceanographic, hydrological and Geological market. LinkOcean is the exclusive representative of 24 world renown manufacturers (the list is below).  LinkOcean's office is located in the downtown of Qingdao, a beautiful coastal city in the north of China. Qingdao is one of the most important cities in marine education and academy and researches, marine technologies and industry.

LinkOcean is the exclusive representative of following 24 manufacturers:

Sensors, Instruments, Parts

1.      RBR Ltd. (Canada) www.rbr-global.com, Measure the blue planet. A global leader in oceanographic instrumentation for more than 30 years
2.      Pro-Oceanus System (Canada) www.pro-oceanus.com, world-leading technology in advanced dissolved gas sensors. Stability in a sea of change.
3.      Franatech GmbH (Germany) www.franatech.de, the world leader in underwater methane monitoring and detection technology.
4.      Coastal Ocean Vision (USA) www.coastaloceanvision.com, Every lab could have a CPICS (continuous particle imaging and classification system) by WHOI.
5.      RS Aqua (UK) www.rs-aqua.co.uk, WaveRadar Rex, the king of wave measurement on ocean platforms.
6.      Zebra-Tech (New Zealand) www.zebra-tech.co.nz, Hydro-Wiper, Cleaner sensors, better data.
7.      Xeos Technologies Inc. (Canada) www.xeostech.com, Xeostech, a global innovator in Iridium beacons. Designed for the North Atlantic Proven Around the World.
8.      Argus (Germany) www.argusnet.de, Argus, inventor of turbidity profiles ASM.
9.   Aquatrak (US) www.aquatrak.com, Aquatrak, the most accurate reliable and cost effective tide gauge.

10.   Lowell Instruments (USA) www.lowellinstruments.com, A cost-effective current meter, Designed for NOAA by WHOI.

Systems, Vehicles

11.   Nautilus Marine(Germany) www.nautilus-gmbh.com, The best deep ocean glass spheres in the world from Germany.
12.   Pacific Gyre(USA) www.pacificgyre.com, Pacific Gyre, ocean drifters expert from USA.
13.   Partrac (UK) www.partrac.co.uk, Partrac, the only provider of benthic flume.

14.   Romor (Canada)  www.romoroceansolutions.com, C-ROM, a simple way to deploy your valuable underwater instruments.

Sea bed imaging, Sonars

15.   Kraken Sonar  (Canada) www.krakensonar.com, Kraken, the No.1 Synthetic Aperture Sonar maker in the world. AquaPix, a new standard for high-speed, ultra-high resolution seabed imaging, much better than all side scan sonars.

16.   Marine Sonic Inc. (USA) www.marinesonic.com, Marinesonic, the best portable high resolution side scan sonar.

Underwater video

17.   Sidus Solutions (US) www.sidus-solutions.com, Sidus, a global leader in pan & tilt and rotator & subsea cameras and lights.

Cores, Drilling

18.   Geotek (UK) www.geotek.co.uk, If a core is worth taking, it's worth logging.

At LinkOcean, we listen carefully to and work closely with our customers to understand their specific requirements and provide them with high quality products to fulfill their specific research aims.  LinkOcean provides 24/7 service to customers.

China has four seas(Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea, East China Sea, South China Sea, numerous inland rivers (estuaries), lakes, channels, reservoirs, dams. Chinese scientists' researches cover Pacific ocean, Atlantic ocean, Indian ocean, north polar, south polar, etc.

The Clients of LinkOcean:

China State Oceanic Administration (www.soa.gov.cn), includes:

1.      The First Institute of Oceanography (Qingdao), (www.fio.gov.cn)
2.      The Second Institute of Oceanography (Hangzhou),(www.sio.org.cn)
3.      The Third Institute of Oceanography (Hangzhou),(www.tio.org.cn)
4.      North China Sea Branch of SOA [ North China Sea Monitoring Center, North China Sea Forecast Center, China Ocean Mineral Resources R & D Association (COMRA)] (Qingdao)
5.      East China Sea Branch (East China Sea Monitoring Center, East China Sea Forecast Center (Shanghai), 
6.      South China Sea Branch (South China Sea Monitoring Center, South China Sea Forecast Center, South China Sea Engineering Survey Center) (Guangzhou),
7.      National Marine Environment Monitoring Center (Dalian), www.nmemc.gov.cn

8.      National Marine Environment Forecast Center (Beijing), (www.nmefc.gov.cn)

Chinese Academy of Sciences(www.cas.cn), includes:

9.    Qingdao Institute of Oceanology (Qingdao), www.qdio.ac.cn
10.    Sanya Iinstitute of Deepsea Science and Engineering, Sanya, www.sidsse.cas.cn
11.    Institute of Geology and Geophysics, (Beijing) www.igg.cas.cn
12.    Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology,(Nanjing), www.niglas.cas.cn
13.    Institute of Hydrobiology, (Wuhan), www.ihb.cas.cn
14.    Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, (Guangzhou) , www.gig.cas.cn

15.    Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, (Guangzhou), www.giec.cas.cn

Universities includes:

16.    Ocean University of China (Qingdao), www.ouc.edu.cn
17.    China University of Petroleum (Beijing), www.cup.edu.cn
18.    China University of Geosciences (Beijing), www.cugb.edu.cn
19.    China University of Geology (Wuhan) ,www.cug.edu.cn
20.    Zhejiang University (Hangzhou), www.zju.edu.cn
21.    Xiamen University (Xiamen), www.xmu.edu.cn
22.    Zhongshan University (Guangzhou), www.sysu.edu.cn
23.    Tongji University (Shanghai),www.tongji.edu.cn
24.    Shanghai Ocean University ( Shanghai), www.shou.edu.cn
25.    Shanghai Jiaotong University(Shanghai), www..sjtu.edu.cn
26.     China Geological Survey (CGS)
27.    Qingdao Marine Geology Institute (Qingdao), www.qimg.cgs.gov.cn
28.    Guangzhou Marine Geology Survey, (Guangzhou), www.gmgs.cgs.gov.cn/

29.    Oil & Gas Survey, (Beijing) , www.ogs.cgs.gov.cn

Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences(Beijing), incldues:
30.    Institute of Geology, CAGS, (Beijing), http://igeo.cags.ac.cn/
31.    Institute of Mineral Resources, CAGS, (Beijing), http://imr.cags.ac.cn/
32.    Institute of Karst, CAGS, (Guilin), http://www.karst.ac.cn/
33.    CGS Sample Repository, (Beijing),

Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences(www.cafs.ac.cn/), includes:
34.    Yellow Sea Fishery Institute (Qingdao),
35.    Shandong Marine Instruments institute (Qingdao),
36.    East China Sea Fishery Institute (Shanghai ),

37.    South China Sea Fisher Institute (Guangzhou) ,

38.    Zhejiang Estuary and coastal Institute (Hangzhou),
39.    Maritime Safety Administration of China
40.    Ministry of Water Resources of China